Online commentary:

I used to be a blogger at the Talking Philosophy magazine group blog. I enjoy straddling the line between doing hard-nosed philosophy, and applying philosophy to topics of contemporary relevance in an accessible way.

You can read my contributions at TPM Blog by clicking here. I have written on a variety of subjects. My articles include discussions of:

  • Warranted deference and skepticism
  • A four-part series on philosophical virtue
  • The pragmatics of listening, and the Occupy movement
  • Creativity and the “Kanzius Machine”
  • Collective responsibility and cultural vigilantism
  • Fatalism and utilitarianism
  • AC Grayling’s atheism
  • Contemporary defences of John Stuart Mill’s utilitarianism
  • Evidentialism and trust
  • Science communication and political strategy
  • The fear and wisdom of crowds
  • Why moral realism doesn’t work
  • How realism works, and how it implies naturalism


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