Here are some of the blogs I follow and enjoy (in no particular order):

  • Daily Academic Freedom – Shannon Dea’s semi-updated blogging about academic freedom in Canada and beyond.
  • Understanding Society – Daniel Little posts regularly about the philosophy of the social sciences. While it is generally more expository than creative, I find his blogging is relentlessly useful.
  • Department of Deviance – I don’t know Amy Olberding personally, but she comes across as perfectly funny, smart, and kind.
  • Footnotes to Plato — Massimo Pigliucci’s blog, which mixes science with philosophilia.
  • The View from the Owl’s Roost — Nomy Arpaly is one of those people who is so obviously a bonefide philosopher that one is tempted to pass over the fact that she’s also super funny.
  • Lawfare – professional and topical blawg.
  • Crooked Timber — though I’m mainly a fan of read Holbo & Waring, tbh.
  • Butterflies and Wheels — Ophelia Benson is controversial and curmudgeonly, but principled. I like reading her hot takes even though it’s toss-up whether I’ll agree with her on any given thing.
  • Feminist Philosophers
  • Restricted Data: the Nuclear Secrecy Blog — by Alex Wellerstein, author of infamous NukeMap.
  • Semper Viridis — Les Green’s blog; I’m always interested in what he has to say, about legal philosophy and other matters.

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