Well, hi there.

My name is Ben Nelson. I have a PhD in philosophy (2017). I taught undergraduate courses for four years as an instructor at the University of Waterloo (sole responsibility). My research work is in the philosophy of law and the philosophy of the social sciences. I live in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I am a member of the National Coalition of Independent Scholars.

Publications (Peer Reviewed)

– “Hobbes’s third jurisprudence: legal pragmatism and the dualist menace,” Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence, forthcoming, 32(1) (Feb 2020).
– “Secret law revisited,” Ratio Juris, forthcoming (2019-2020).


– “Making minds like ours,” The Philosopher’s Magazine (2014).

The ALECS blog is my place for thinking through tough issues on selected topics related to arts, law, ethics, cognition, and society. I also write and research in metaphysics, mind, epistemology, and meta-philosophy. Comments warmly welcome!

Oh! And I am also a sketch hobbyist.